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A. Lynn, Responsive Website Proposal

Launched in June 2018 and founded by Andrea Seemayer, fashion professional of 12 years. A.Lynn offers a new fit scale (with over 60% more sizes)

that allows people to mix and match their size & length to fit their proportions and body type. The #1 converter is A.Lynn’s luxury sustainable fabrics for everyday wardrobe staples that people love. How can we help improve user experience on, and support A.Lynn in becoming competitive in the marketplace, and consider future growth of the company?

Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 4.19.27 PM.png
David Sainté
David Gonzalez
Meghan Salviejo
2 Weeks

Success Metrics

Lower Bounce Rate

Time of Engagement

Sale Conversion


We wanted to know more about users online shopping behaviors, to understand their pain points when trying to find their size & fit information, and tested to see where issues were occuring for users from the landing page all the way to the shopping cart.  After performing a Heuristic Analysis  and usability testing of the current site we discovered the value proposition for the site is unclear. The brand needed a compelling branding & story. The text used throughout site is difficult to read. CTA's were confusing, no conversion language was used on the home screen. (i.e. “Shop Now”, etc.) Nearly all the items for sale was out of stock and that seemed frustrating to the user while testing the original site.

The home screen has a starter kit with instructions and the users were very confused and after reading the instructions serveral times the still could not seem to understand what exactly is being presented on the site as a whole.

“I don't get if I clicked on women, I don't know why I’m seeing men and starter kit...” - User 3

“So I tell them my measurements and they send me a custom item, right…?” - User 4

Original Desktop Homepage



You are looking for new basics for your everyday wardrobe that fit your body type. Go to the website.


1.  Find and select an item of your choice

2.  Use the sizing chart to find your size then check out

3.  Find with the Starter Kit and interact with it

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 11.48.34


There is a  high bounce rate and users were leaving the site in less the 30 second after landing at the page. We created a user journey based on the results and responses of our usability test and with the bounce rate stats from Shopify provided by the stakeholder. The user Lands on the site then if they decide to stay possibly purchase a sizing kit and  then have to wait a period of time before returning to the site to use the kit and make a purchase.  the confusion seems to lead customers to not return, or leave the site with out making a purchase.

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 9.16.35 PM.jpg


We were provided a list of competitors by the stakeholder and also conducted our own research to find other retail luxury brands to examine layout in. order to provide the user with a more delightful functional experience.  We also performed a feature analysis of the competitors and comparators.


Here some are opportunities that have presented themselves in the research. Users were not connecting the to value propositionp on the home page and found the sizing chart an information overwhelming.  Users need to clearly navigate through the site, to find the most optimized path to conversion. And wanted to touch on the inconsistencies that we found in the current sites functionality.


Meet Gwen previously, She is a modern, fashion conscious professional who doesn’t have a lot of time to spare so she shops online almost exclusively. She wants a Quick and Simple way to know clothing will fit her body type and wants Hassle-Free Online Shopping Experience. She has a basic understanding of her measurements so she routinely shops at specific retailers where she is familiar with their measurement system.


Female, Age 28
Full-Time Professional
Urban Dweller
Income: $90-150K

“I love shopping online but I can never tell if I’m a small or medium on some sites....”



  • Convenience & Saving Time

  • Good Quality, Versatile Clothing

  • Quick and Simple way to know clothing will fit her body type

  • Hassle-Free Online Shopping Experience


  • Will invest more for better quality products

  • Shops online almost exclusively

  • Has a basic understanding of standard measurements

  • Seeks out Model Measurements & User Reviews to gauge size (uses Size Chart as a final resource)

Pain Points:

  • Frustrated when e-commerce sites are over-complicated  

  • Frustrated when guesstimating size, and clothes don’t actually fit

  • Confused when deciphering size charts to figure out her measurements


Gwen gets frustrated when online fashion retailers have over-complicated websites that do not provide the right sizing and fitting information necessary for her to make informed purchase decisions.

How might we help A.Lynn  design a website that clearly conveys their value proposition, while providing simple and clear sizing information so that customers (like Gwen), to make purchases confidently?



Redesign Home Page to convey Value Proposition


Redesign Size Chart & Sizing/Fit Info Presented


Address Site Navigation and User Flow through site


Optimize Path to Conversion


Address User Interface Inconsistencies


Address Functionality Issues throughout

Design & Delivery

For this development and delivery phase, we conducted a Design Studio to Ideate Alynn's new site proposal. Then we created both mid fidelity then Hi fidelity prototypes and tested both for usability.

Landing Page -1280.png

Proposed Desktop Homepage

Shopping Cart

Usability Test survey Results.png
Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 9.11.47 PM.png

“It's simple, straightforward. Very clear and sharp, easy to navigate." - User 3

“First thing I notice are the images are powerful and impactful...I like the look of it, it’s what I expect from a fashion brand...Nice overview of the brand, nice products, fabrics…” - User 4

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