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Waridi is an AR Rhythm Puzzle game for mobile platforms where you build your own alien botanical garden and connect with others to discover and explore beautiful alien and natural landscapes.

David Sainté
George Casseus
Miller Klitsner

UX Researcher
XR/UI Designer

Concept Art

3D Modeler


5 Months


Adobe XD




Gravity Sketch

Meta Quest 2


Our team conducted market research to confirm that there was a market for our product that combined plant gardening therapy and Augmented Reality mobile gaming.

Interacting with nature is essential to maintaining a sense of well-being. Through gardening and spending time around plants, individuals can reap a wide range of psychological benefits. Here are just a few mental health benefits of being around indoor plants and gardening.

1. Improves Mood
2. Relieves Stress and Anxiety
3. Prolongs Attention Span
4. Boosts Self-Esteem


How might we use mobile AR gardening to help people improve their mood and relieve stress?


We Created User Personas based on our target gamer demographic from our market research.

An overview of the player's journey through the core gameplay loops. Showcasing novel and fun interactions made by the player using a selection of the game's mechanics.  Gameplay loops are built around the actions of plant care. The planting, observing, tending, harvesting, propagation, and sharing of plants.

The *Core Loop* is grouped into three sections. [**LISTEN, FEEL, BLOSSOM/SHARE**]. Listed below in detail and seen in the System Map and User Flow chart.  ! facilitated  a design studio for the puzzle mechanics to conceptualize the interaction with the virtual plants and how the rhythm based puzzle would function.

Listen Mechanic 1

The player listens and feels for seeds using haptic/audio feedback as directional cues. Then they play through a rhythm-based spatial puzzle using haptic triggers to interact with the plant in AR.

Feel Mechanic 2

Users build unique personalized gardens. They are miniature ecosystems that need to be balanced and continuously tended to. New complex organisms like insects or fairies spawn depending on different unique combinations of plants present in a player’s garden.

Blossom Mechanic 3

After users complete their meditative puzzles, they are given the flower or an equivalent representation of this tree. In which they share short text/photo/audio recordings of what they are grateful for.

User Flow

We created a User flow chart showing end to end all the user decisions engaging with the application as they work their way through the core mechanics.

Concept and Modeling

I created the concept art sketches then I modeled original alien plants in In Gravity Sketch VR using a Meta quest headset. I also kept consistency in color, theme and design throughout all models and the user interface. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 1.39.33 AM.png

 I sent the models I created to the developer for input and changes that were needed for development in Unity.

Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 12.57.49 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 11.56.56 AM.png

I created I paper prototype for internal use then designed the Hi fidelity user interface for this application in adobe XD. I provided the developer with all assets in png format. I also provided a style guide with all colors, fonts, and button state interactions.

Splash Screen.png






Plant Card

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